Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

The dangers of sleep apnea should be evident to Wilsonville, OR patients by now. However, there are some who remain unaware of these potential pitfalls. This is where the expertise of Dr. Michael Lorio comes in handy. He and his team of experts at Town Center Dental Care are always on hand to help. Read on to learn more about the dangers that sleep apnea poses and how they can be addressed….

Increased Blood Pressure

Those who are already struggling with high blood pressure will want to make sure that they are getting their sleep apnea under control. Yes, this can be problematic but seeking out the best possible treatment as early as possible is key. Some patients may start to adjust the dosages on their medications to account for the problems but this is not recommended. A medical professional should be consulted as soon as the patient notices these types of increases. Early detection is pivotal.

Added Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Patients who are currently struggling with type 2 diabetes are often diagnosed with sleep apnea as well. While the experts continue to study the links between sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes, it is believed that a lack of sleep will keep the body from using insulin in the proper manner. Any patient who is struggling to get the correct amount of sleep should schedule an appointment immediately so that a dentist can look into the problem and provide them with the necessary guidance.

Daytime Drowsiness

To piggyback on the previous point, any patient that is currently struggling to diagnose their sleep apnea will typically suffer from daytime drowsiness as well. If the sun is up and the patient is still tired because they did not get enough sleep the night before, this is not an issue to ignore. A lack of healthy, normal sleep will severely affect the patient’s mood, and sleep apnea patients in the Wilsonville, OR area must get treatment when necessary. Anyone who remains groggy during the day is a danger to themselves and others. Sleep apnea sufferers are nearly five times as likely to cause a car accident.


Lack of sleep and depression go hand in hand. In order to understand the basics of depression, patients must remain open to dental assistance. Any patient who has been experiencing sleep apnea for a significant length of time and finds themselves feeling sad on a regular basis should consult with medical professionals. They’ll offer the best treatments and help improve sleeping habits.

Patients who are suffering from sleep apnea must make an appointment with an experienced dental facility in Wilsonville, OR as soon as possible. Dr. Michael Lorio and the good folks at Town Center Dental Care are on hand and ready to provide all of the necessary assistance. Any and all questions will be answered in a timely fashion.

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