How Dental Bonding Can Help Your Smile

We all want a healthy smile, but there's often an imperfection or two that can affect the look of your smile. Not all imperfections are the same, and while sometimes these can indicate an underlying problem, they may also just be aesthetic concerns best treated via noninvasive means. Dental bonding can be very effective in handling imperfections that don't require more involved dental work. If you would like to learn about all the ways that dental bonding can improve your smile, reach out to Dr. Michael Lorio of Town Center Dental Care in Wilsonville, OR.

What Dental Bonding Can Achieve

Dental bonding can be used to fix problems relating to minor injuries, such as teeth that are cracked or chipped. As well as for teeth that are misshapen or worn down, and also for correcting slight gaps in your smile. Other uses include its use as an alternative to traditional fillings because of the bonding material's tooth-colored appearance, and to address discolored teeth that will not whiten with bleaching treatments.

How The Procedure is Performed

One of the biggest advantages of dental bonding is the simplicity with which it can be applied. Often requiring only a single visit and one that will typically not require anesthesia unless the tooth being treated is already sensitive. During the procedure, your tooth is first prepared with a special solution, after which the resin compound is then applied onto your tooth in layers until the desired shape is achieved. Then an ultraviolet (UV) light hardens the material. Note that your dentist will continue to shape your tooth after the resin has hardened until a natural appearance is achieved.

Dental Bonding in Wilsonville, OR

Dental bonding can quickly, and affordably, transform your smile, but keep in mind that the procedure may not be the best option for every condition. Sometimes teeth will require the protection of a dental crown or veneers, and gaps may need orthodontic intervention. To find out if you're a candidate for dental bonding, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lorio of Town Center Dental Care in Wilsonville, OR, by dialing (503) 682-9191.

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