Porcelain Veneers Freshen Up Your Smile

After years of use, it's not surprising to experience a few problems with the appearance of your teeth. Fortunately, porcelain veneers offered by your Wilsonville, OR, dentist, Dr. Michael Lorio of Town Center Dental Care, can hide many tooth flaws.

Renew your smile with porcelain veneers

Like many people, you probably have a few things you'd like to change about your smile. Maybe you have minor damage, are unhappy with the color of a tooth, or wish a tooth looked a little different. Veneers tackle these and other tooth issues by keeping damage and imperfections out of sight.

The thin shells are attached to your teeth with dental cement and hide a variety of flaws. Veneers are made from porcelain, a durable material that looks just like tooth enamel. Although veneers are no thicker than a fingernail, they provide excellent coverage for imperfections.

Veneers require minimal preparation. During your visit to the Wilsonville, OR, dental office, your dentist may need to remove a small amount of dental enamel to ensure a good fit. In some cases, this step isn't necessary.

Adding veneers to your teeth may be a good idea if:

  • You have minor tooth damage: Veneers hide small chips on teeth and cover up shallow cracks
  • You don't like the appearance of one or two teeth: Teeth don't always grow uniformly. All of your teeth might be straight except for one crooked one or a tooth might be twisted or oddly shaped. No matter the issue, veneers can improve the symmetry of your smile
  • You're self-conscious about a gap in your teeth: Do you have a little gap between your front teeth? Orthodontic treatment may be needed for large gaps but not slight ones. Veneers offer a simple way to conceal minor gaps
  • You have a dull smile or a few discolored teeth: You can choose just how white your smile will be if you plan to makeover a dull smile with veneers. If one or two teeth are discolored, veneers can make these teeth match surrounding teeth
  • Your tooth is too short: Short teeth are just as distracting as damaged or crooked teeth. Adding veneers gets rid of height differences that keep your smile from being perfect

Are you ready to enhance your smile with porcelain veneers? Call your dentist,  Dr. Lorio of Town Center Dental Care in Wilsonville, OR, at (503) 682-9191 to schedule your appointment.

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