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TMJ Therapy

Does your jaw pop when you talk or chew? Are you bothered by unexplained headaches or pain in your face, jaw, neck, or shoulders? If so, TMJ disorder may be the culprit. At Town Center Dental Care, Dr. Lorio relies on his extensive training and experience to diagnose and non-surgically treat your TMJ pain and restore proper bite and jaw alignment.

A variety of factors, including stress, bruxism (teeth grinding), and a misaligned bite can aggravate the two small joints in front of your ears, disrupting the smooth motion of your jaw. A custom-fitted nightguard often eliminates TMJ pain and restores pain-free jaw function. If your TMJ disorder is the result of a misaligned bite, we can restore alignment by building up your back teeth with resin restorations or crowns. For severe cases of TMJ disorder, Dr. Lorio recommends a trusted specialist.  

Put an end to your TMJ discomfort. Call Town Center Dental Care today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lorio. Our Wilsonville dental office provides leading-edge dental therapies to residents of Canby, West Linn, Tualatin, and surrounding areas.

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