ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening

We don’t hear much about oral cancer, but the truth is, it affects 35,000 and kills 8000 American each year. Early detection and intervention offers the best defense against oral cancer. Patients who are diagnosed in the early stages have an 80% better chance of survival.

You should visit Dr. Lorio twice a year for cleanings and checkups. He’ll take the opportunity to assess your soft oral tissues for cancer. By the time suspicious lesions surface, the cancer may be past the early stage, so Dr. Lorio relies on state-of-the-art ViziLite technology for early detection.

With ViziLite, patients first rinse their mouths with a special mouthwash. Then we shine a soft light in the mouth. Areas where oral cancer may have developed beneath the tissue show as green spots under the light. Dr. Lorio marks these locations with the patented T-Blue marking system, then records the information for an oral surgeon. If your ViziLite exam reveals suspicious lesions, we’ll refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for biopsy. The T-Blue records will help the surgeon understand our findings.

Don’t let oral cancer catch you off guard! Call Town Center Dental Care in Wilsonville today to schedule your six-month checkup with Dr. Lorio. A ViziLite exam could save your life. 

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